When I bought this domain in 1999 the idea was to use it for my new obsession: Disney comics indexing. The topic back then was something along the line "How to recognise Disney comics artists merely by looking at the art, reading the story…"
   Later I realised that other web site authors (and comic book readers) did a much better job on that. Secondly, the Inducks project had progressed rapidly especially on the visual side, so after a couple of years raptus.dk degraded into a minimalistic XML oriented entity that was barely readable by IE and only contained hidden links with various vacation pictures of family and friends.
   What you see today is as ugly as ever but at least written in HTML. The hidden links stay, simply in order to fill the harddisk quota that the web provider makes you pay for anyway. I have added some (sofar just two) of my old and newer programming projects for everyone to see. They might be either outdated or not finished, but there are a few lines of source code that you might find useful. Unfortunately I am not allowed to publish any of my university projects here.
   Whether this site will evolve into something more personal is doubtful. I'd rather keep using the old uni site for that.

Sample projects


All programs are developed under Linux and with Linux in mind, but Windows versions can of course be provided in case you're really interested. In fact they were all meant to be cross-platform to begin with. Feel free to do whatever you like with the material, but if they crash or start formatting your disk drive, you're on your own ☻